Unique wall art trends in 2021

Sponsored: Promote Your School share some of the exciting new wall art trends emerging this year

We’ve seen a few trends emerge in 2021 for certain types of unique wall art.

It’s a joy to design unique wall art for schools, colleges and universities around the world. Through our work, we tend to see common themes that many clients request. But it’s always exciting to come up with new ideas that bring fresh perspective and dynamism to our work.

Here’s a collection of some interesting new trends we’ve seen over the past year, and how we’ve taken these new concepts and turned them into tangible works of art for our clients.

A timeline at The Grove School


Common wall art types

Before we get into the new trends that are emerging, it’s worth taking a look back at some of the most common themes our clients request.

Because our work is bespoke, we make sure every artwork is unique to the individual school. But there are definitely some common types of wall art that we get requests for time and time again.

The first is timelines. These are undoubtedly our most popular type of wall art design. They can cover any subject, though history tends to be the most popular. A timeline acts as a powerful learning aid and can cover the length and breadth of your corridors and stairwells.

Maps are very popular too, as are subject features that focus on a single school subject or a mix of all. Finally, school values tend to be popular, with many schools asking us to feature their values on a welcome wall or in a communal space like the school hall.

Many schools have requested nature-themed wall art


Unique wall art trends

In addition to the common wall art types, we’ve seen some exciting new trends emerging this year.

Covid-19 has placed unprecedented pressure on schools (and pupils). It’s been hugely rewarding to see so many schools investing in their learning environments at a really challenging time.

A BBC article reported that Covid-19 has had a huge impact on young people with existing mental health conditions. Another report, by the charity YoungMinds, reported that 67% of respondents said the pandemic will have a long-term negative effect on their mental health.

Amid these worrying statistics, we’re delighted to see so many schools requesting nature-themed wall art, which is proven to improve mental health and wellbeing.

Covid-19 social distancing regulations have meant some schools have turned their outdoor areas into additional learning spaces and break out areas. And many have requested beautiful nature-themed wall art to transform these areas into tranquil, positive settings for learning.

This is a trend that we expect will stay, even once Covid restrictions are (hopefully) a thing of the past.

Sixth form areas

Another exciting and unique wall art trend we’ve seen is an increased focus on sixth form areas. A number of schools have designated special areas for their sixth form students to give them somewhere unique to spend time and connect with their peers.

This approach certainly benefits students, giving them a sense of independence and importance, which is vital for young adults. But it is also a valuable selling point for the school, especially if they are keen to attract quality sixth formers from other schools.

Inspiration in the music lobby at Tollgate Primary School


Inspirational people

Everyday heroes have become a very popular and unique wall art trend this year. From Sir Tom Moore to Stormzy, many schools use their walls to feature local heroes, inspirational figures and relatable celebrities.

More than ever, it’s key that students focus on their future and know that, despite the challenges of the past year, they’re all capable of achieving great things.

We’re pleased to see schools featuring people who have overcome adversity or achieved something against all odds. This is motivational for students (and staff!) and will inspire them to keep trying, work hard and reach for their goals.

Boarding house wall art

Recently, we wrote an article for Independent Education Today about the impact of boarding house wall art. This is certainly a growing trend for independent schools who want to create a ‘home from home’ for their boarding students.

And it’s our very personalised designs that seem to be most popular. For example, we created wall art for Summer Fields School in Oxford using witty newspaper headlines that were written by students and staff at the school. It doesn’t get more personal than that!

Custom wall art for boarding houses is a trend that we expect will grow over the next year. But these personalised designs work well in any learning or living environment. They could also be used in halls of residence for university students, residential care homes and even young offenders institutions (we’re working with one at the moment).

Dinnington Community Primary School


Library wall art

Finally, after the success of the Life-changing Libraries project, we’ve seen an increased demand for library wall art.

We designed and donated bespoke wall art for each of the six new libraries as part of the project. And we worked closely with BookTrust and Cressida Cowell to bring these to life, inspired by Cressida’s popular How to Train Your Dragon books.

Many schools have since got in touch to request library wall art for their schools. We know that children who read for pleasure are healthier, happier and perform better at school, so we’re very excited that this trend seems to be growing stronger!

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