Covid-19 offer: free software for schools

Sponsored: Steve Voller, founder of Altuity Solutions, responds to questions about the company’s new offer for schools

What is the offer?

It’s a free, no-obligation subscription to the maintenance features in Altuity’s AltoSites software. Schools can use it to manage their reactive and planned maintenance tasks.

It’s cloud-based so there’s nothing to install locally and we’re providing free webinar-based training. Schools can roll the software out to any member of staff.

Why are you making this offer?

The current crisis is hitting the independent sector hard. In financial terms, harder than the state sector given independent schools aren’t grant funded.

This offer helps schools – at least in terms of managing maintenance activities – over the (hopefully) short-term worst impact of this crisis.

Who is this offer for?

It’s for bursars and estates teams in independent schools from pre-prep and above.

How will it help independent schools?

It’s for any school finding that existing maintenance processes aren’t coping during the Covid-19 crisis.

For example, they may be using manual processes or spreadsheets to track maintenance activities.

These may be satisfactory with closely knit teams working together but keeping information easily up to date and sharing and reporting on it is much more challenging at the moment.

You mentioned the offer is only for the maintenance features. Why is that?

AltoSites includes other functionality such as asset and compliance management but to get value from these features schools need to be using them on a longer-term basis.

However, maintenance is a quick win so it makes sense to focus on this area.

There’s a perception in some parts of the market and in the public that independent schools are awash with cash, which simply isn’t the case

What maintenance features will schools have access to?

They’ll be able to record and manage maintenance issues such as reactive jobs or issues that might ultimately be included in a planned preventative maintenance programme.

Information can be visually managed on maps or, if schools have them, floorplans.

AltoSites can be used on connected smartphones, making it easy to record and manage data while out in the school or in the grounds.

Finally, there’s access to the dashboard and reports.

Is it really no obligation and without any tie in?

Absolutely. It’s a way for us to help schools in these difficult times.

Under normal circumstances they may be coping fine but now need some extra short-term help. Our software can provide that.

How long is this for and what happens at the end of the free period?

The free subscription runs until 30 September. At any time before it finishes, the school can export its data into a spreadsheet and simply walk away. Our job will be done!

Is this just a sales gimmick?

Not at all. If a school wants to move to a paid subscription at the end of the free offer they’re more than welcome to do so but there’s no pressure to do that.~

There’s a perception in some parts of the market and in the public that independent schools are awash with cash, which simply isn’t the case. As I mentioned, the sector has been particularly hard hit financially by this crisis – more so than state or academy schools, in my opinion.

Is that all you’re offering?

No. I always think it’s pretty bad when companies exclude their existing customers from offers.

Existing AltoSites users have already been offered free extra dashboard and reporting licenses to help them manage their data and to share it with colleagues who may be working from home or rotating on and off the school site.

To see a demonstration of the maintenance features in AltoSites and learn more about the offer, register for one of our free webinars at:
Alternatively, email us at:
T: @Altuity

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