How Zip Water can help schools become more sustainable

Zip Water is here to help independent schools fight for a more sustainable planet

Children know more about the environment than we give them credit for – a school sustainability survey conducted by the NUS with both primary and secondary school children found that 54% of pupils were either very or fairly concerned about climate change.

Managing this concern is important. If left unaddressed children may feel helpless, leaving them worried about the fate of the planet.

Schools need to share enough information about environmental issues with pupils so they can understand the extent of the situation without catastrophising it. And, as with any problem, teachers should work to inspire pupils to invent new solutions to environmental challenges, reconnecting them with thoughts of a more positive future.

As an independent school, you can support children in their fight for a more sustainable planet by establishing an environmental committee and adopting a circular economy within the school.

By helping students implement innovative solutions to unsustainable school practices, you can empower them to lead the way in sustainable development, giving them more control over their future.

Committed to sustainability, at Zip Water we can help your school to become more circular. Our range of industry leading mains-fed filtered drinking water solutions provide users a choice of pure-tasting boiling, chilled or sparkling water at the touch of a button.

The delivery of great tasting water on tap not only encourages users to drink more but eradicates the need for unsustainable single-use plastic bottled water. Instead, children are encouraged to refill their own reusable bottles with highly-filtered, pure-tasting water – boosting hydration and wellbeing.

Schools need to share enough information about environmental issues with pupils so they can understand the extent of the situation without catastrophising it

Ideal for installation in kitchens or staff break out areas, our market-leading HydroTap range utilises only the most energy-efficient technology, with features such as a lux sensor and programmable timer helping to conserve energy during periods of low or non-usage.

Boiling models also feature Power-Pulse technology to allow the system to regulate its power during periods of heating – meaning it can save energy while maintaining the tightest possible temperature control.

To reduce water wastage, special features such as a low energy air-cooled refrigeration system with inbuilt cross-ventilation help the HydroTap to eliminate the need for water in the cooling process. There is also a timed dispense function, factory set to stop water flow after 15 seconds.

At Zip, we know that safety is a priority in schools, which is why our HydroTap range delivers a smooth stream of water instead of a mix of steam and water that splashes and spits.

Designed to be completely safe and easy to use, our HydroTap range is fitted with unique boiling water safety locks and cool touch technology, ensuring suitability for all environments. For bigger areas such as canteens or gyms, we offer our responsible drinking water solution, the HydroChill.

Models in the range, such as the HydroChill HC20 and HydroChill HC50, can provide up to 200 750ml bottles of pure-tasting filtered chilled, sparkling or ambient water an hour – and with floor standing, counter-top or under-counter dispensers to choose from, the range ensures there’s an option for every space.

At Zip we can provide tailored solutions to meet all requirements and budgets with a wide range of products and services to offer. Selected models can also help comply with equality requirements, with features such as accessibility levers and braille covers, as well as infection control, thanks to UV Out antibacterial filtration.

To discover more about sustainability and wellbeing in education, watch our 45-minute webinar, targeted at helping schools eliminate single-use plastic from campuses.

Our expert panellists – from Kids Against Plastic and the Green Schools Project – will teach you how to inspire, engage and educate others, helping you adopt a more sustainable approach to plastic in your facility for good.

Turn the tide on plastic. Watch the webinar at

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