Teen girls are 40% less active than boys – it doesn’t have to be this way

Squadkit talks to independent school girls to find out what’s stopping them exercising

At Squadkit we are dedicated to helping all young people be active, healthy and happy. We are particularly worried about teenage girls, half of whom stop or significantly reduce their activity when they hit puberty. They spend an average of just 25 minutes per day on sport or exercise vs 40 minutes for boys.

We wanted to change that.

We worked with some of the leading academics in sports science and talked to hundreds of girls across the 170+ independent schools that use Squadkit. The results were clear.

The major reason given for a reduction in sporting activity was breast discomfort – and yet 50% of teen girls don’t wear a sports bra. When we worked with the girls, they were vocal: sports bras were expensive, uncomfortable and difficult to get on and off. They didn’t work for teen girls and clearly hadn’t been designed for them. In fact, there was nothing on the market for this vital group.

So, our task was to empower teen girls to keep playing sport by developing a sports bra for their growing bodies – a bra that addressed the unique problems they faced. It needed to be:


Many girls wanted to wear the same bra all day at school and simply tighten it up to give more support when it was time to ‘get active’.


Sports bras are expensive. As bodies change girls wanted a bra that changed with them and was super-adjustable. We achieved this with our unique ‘T-System’ which allows more than three sizes of adjustment.


Easy to slip on and off with a simple front-fastening, so no more wrestling under the towel!


On show or under clothing, every detail is important.

We set to work collaborating with leading designers, manufacturers and testers, plus our own creative team, to develop a unique product – so unique, it’s now patented. We’ve tested it at the UK’s leading Breast Health Centre at the University of Portsmouth where it showed a 20% reduction in movement versus the most popular sports bra worn by teen girls (and almost 70% versus ‘no bra’).

We know that the Limitless bra solves many girls’ problems, but we are not here to sell Limitless. We are here to ensure that nobody stops playing sport because they feel body-conscious or uncomfortable. There are other great sports bras available and our mission is to ensure that everyone understands how this simple garment can transform their experience.

We are now working with educators and our partner schools to educate girls in the importance of exercise and how wearing a sports bra is a vital part of that. We are also developing a range of other products to encourage all young people – boys and girls – to stay active.

Squadkit – helping to build a confident and active generation.

Find out more at www.squadkit.com

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