A focus on winter fabrics

Squadkit explains how its sports kit fabrics are specially designed to be robust, comfortable and warm

Now that we’re embedded into winter, we thought we’d turn the spotlight on the Squadkit technical fabrics that are designed for the colder, wetter, windier months on pitches and courts around the UK and Europe.

But if you’re thinking that winter simply equals warm plus waterproof, then you only have part of the picture. There are a few essential ingredients missing from the equation. Of course, warmth and waterproofing are important, but effective sportswear – particularly for young people – needs to be both robust and comfortable.

It has to be soft, while maintaining abrasion-proof qualities. It has to be ‘hydrophobic’ on the outside, while being able to simultaneously absorb sweat on the inside. It also needs to work with bodies that are still dealing with the fine art of ‘sweat management’ and accommodate more size combinations because bodies grow unevenly.

Our Squadkit buying team achieves this by working with some of the world’s leading fabric suppliers, renowned for operating at the forefront of technical innovation.

Our garments also have to work hard so we test each fabric rigorously for durability: our washing standards are set at 50 cycles against an industry standard of five, given that a core part of our kit is worn up to three or four times a week, if not more.

Finally, all of our sportswear is made in our own fabrics so that we can guarantee quality, colour-matching, consistency – and we can have full confidence in its performance. Here are five of the fabrics we use for our Squadkit sports kit:


1. Climaskin – warmth and abrasion-resistance

Unlike base layers aimed at adult athletes, Climaskin is made from nylon, not polyester, which is three times more durable.

This makes it more abrasion-resistant and warmer – both essential qualities for base layers that protect younger, more sensitive – and therefore softer – skin. Climaskin has four-way stretch so that it sits close to the skin and works with the wearer, allowing protection with unrestricted movement.


2. Stormtex – water- and wind-proofing

Stormtex is designed to provide the best of both worlds in cold and rainy conditions: warmth and dryness.

Its waterproof outer layer keeps the wet weather and wind out, while a breathable inner layer draws sweat away from the skin to reduce clamminess and chafing.


3. Performatex – warmth and ease of movement

This highly technical outer layer is soft, flexible and practical, allowing wearers to warm up – and train hard – in comfort. A fine inner coating promotes ease of movement and breathability, and a top hydrophobic surface coating ensures the rain runs straight off.

4. Performashell – water-resistance and breathability

Layering is important for battling the elements. Performashell is a unique showerproof three-tiered fabric, where the outer layer protects against wind and rain, and the inner layers conserve warmth and draw water away from the body so skin can breathe.

5. Thermotex – insulating and comfort

Keeping warm is essential for hardworking muscles. This fabric has been cleverly designed to incorporate a hydrophobic outer coating that repels rain and moisture away from the fleecy inner layer, allowing effective insulation.

Effective insulation means staying warm when the elements are anything but!

Put all of these fabrics in various combinations – for example, a shell jacket, mid layer, base layer top and tracksuit bottoms or puffer jacket, polo shirt, base layer leggings and unisex shorts – and your kids are equipped to play, whatever the weather.

To find out more about Squadkit Active (curriculum wear), Squadkit Team (specialist sublimated teamwear) and Squadkit Staff (for your full sports/PE teaching complement), visit www.squadkit.com or visit us on social media at @Squadkit

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