Why timelines are an effective learning resource

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Timelines are a type of Wall Art for schools that serve as a powerful learning resource for pupils. In addition to adding interest to your visual environment, they can also add context, memorability and meaning to key historical dates.

In this blog, we’ll explore how timelines can transform your school, and improve learning outcomes for pupils.

Context is key

One of the reasons that timelines are such a powerful learning resource is because they give context. Specifically, they give pupils a visual guide to what happened, when, in history.

For example, students may have learned about the World Wars, but be unclear about what other events took place between them. Or, perhaps they struggle to place events by the century or decade in which they occurred. When trying to place these dates and events chronologically, timelines can make a world of difference.

Never forget

The brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text. So, when students walk your school’s corridors each day, flanked by dates and events represented visually on your walls, they’re likely to remember them.

At exam time, a pupil may think back to that large photo of Queen Victoria on the wall and immediately remember the dates during which she reigned. That’s the power of visual learning resources!

A timeline at Ramridge Primary School


Get talking

We were delighted to see a post on Twitter recently from one of our clients: St Michael and St Martin Catholic Primary School.

This is a fantastic example of how to use timelines to their best advantage. Get your pupils active, walk around and engage with the designs. It’s the best natural conversation starter.

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