Why it is important to apply the lessons of 2020 now

Sponsored: Are you living in the now, asks Tracy Shand, founder of Boardingology

It is not a word of the year. It is not a new curriculum, or is it? It is a way for you to embrace the now to lead yourself in a changing pandemic world.

Your starter for 2021 is the answer to one of my favourite questions: what do you need to do now, in this moment, that your future self will thank you for? And then give yourself permission to do it. Stop, get a pen and read on.

You are reading this in February, where your New Year’s resolutions are far, far away. I have decided that failure is only feedback, as my chocolate consumption begins to rise and my trainers are in the corner!

The word ‘now’ has lots of thoughts and feelings attached to it. I have had to learn to stop thinking: ‘By now I will be…’ because with all the best-laid plans, strategic planning and coaching, I could not plan for a pandemic getting in the way.

Living in the now is a difficult thing, but here are three things that can help you – no trainers required!

So, let’s do this. Think about your ‘now’ – but with an extra dimension. Pick one of the options below or choose your own.

● New options wanted
● No opportunity wasted
● Network of wellbeing

Draw a box like the one above. Make sure your word is at the top. Pause and think about what you need to do and write the actions in the box. Keep going, embrace the silence – this is where the best ideas come from.

Now, pick two things from each box and make it into an action plan. Start now, or you will be mad in March!

Take care, stay safe and remember these two phrases: You are enough. Just add human.

Give yourself permission to start today – your future self will thank you for it.

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