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Sponsored: Tracy Shand, author of Boardingology, reflects on empowerment in the new school year

It is the start of a school year like no other and while writing this I have been reflecting on my previous opinion pieces in this magazine. In January I called for educational leaders to embrace a ‘YANA’ – you are not alone – mindset.

I asked professionals, like yourself, to add the mindset into meetings, strategy and daily actions and I hope it has served you well during the pandemic.

Moving forward this needs to form the mantra of your school community, where real human connection is key.

Unlocking our world is about having the keys to stop, look, listen and act. Here are three of the most most important keys to help you.

Educate yourself and your staff

Our world has changed and there is one prefix, and your attitude to it, that will determine success – ‘re’. Re[build], re[learn], re[act]. Think of the before and after of your school.

Ask two simple questions: what else? What if? Learning is listening and asking the right questions. Now ask and act.

Empower yourself

What about you? Are you at the top or the bottom of the agenda?

Tough times call for special measures where you need to stop, look and listen to your body and mind.

Create your self-care plan for the first month and start off well – put it somewhere where you will see it every day.

Empowered children through support

An honesty check for you now.

What percentage of your leadership energy is going into staff and student wellbeing? You can only serve others if you look after yourself. Extend this to your teams; what do they need? Serving them empowers the children in your school.

So there you have it. Three keys to start unlocking your future. And remember, you are enough, and self-care is key.

W: https://www.boardingology.com/

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