Is there a leak in your admissions pipeline?

Sponsored: James Leggett, managing director of MTM Consulting, explains how the new MTM Admissions Dashboard can help schools

It’s usually only when the contents start trickling out that you know a pipeline has sprung a leak. If the pipeline in question leads to your independent school’s admissions and what’s spilling out is a steady stream of prospective pupils, then it’s particularly important to find the weak point –and fast.

Leading your school’s prospective pupils through the admissions process – from enquiry to prospectus, prospectus to visit or open day, and all the stages from there to the uniform shop and a desk in a classroom – requires tenacity and patience, and I’m always impressed at how much of both of these qualities school registrars and admissions staff possess.

Of course, there can be many reasons why prospective pupils might leak out of this admissions pipeline along the way and some are beyond a school admissions team’s control – moving home or a change in family circumstances, for example. But if prospective pupils are regularly not converting from one stage of the pipeline to another, then it could be that an aspect of a school’s admissions process is not performing as well as it needs to.

Identifying that weakness in the pipeline is the first step towards doing something about it – and turning a greater number of prospectives into actual pupils at the school. The only way to find the leak is to carefully analyse the admissions data – the number of prospective pupils at each stage of the process at any given time.

In our work with school admissions and marketing teams, however, we regularly hear that this is time-consuming and admittedly quite boring work, poring over spreadsheets and working out conversion rates, and a task that often languishes at the bottom of the to-do list. It is absolutely crucial though in order to recruit as many prospective pupils as possible.

To help, we’ve developed the new MTM Admissions Dashboard – an online platform that makes it easier for school admissions and marketing professionals to analyse admissions data, understand the messages within it and export it for reports and presentations.

Instant overview

We have designed MTM Admissions Dashboard to provide an instant overview of the school’s admissions situation, whenever and wherever needed.

It draws on data from the school’s existing admissions software (all major MIS systems are supported), analyses it and presents it in the form of clear infographics. Admissions and marketing professionals can then drill down into specific areas of information and see more detailed analysis, comparisons and conversions.

We have found a way to help schools keep on top of their admissions data and to spot the leaks in the pipeline

Track any admissions data

Totally bespoke, MTM Admissions Dashboard can track any recorded admissions data. Schools can choose what information to display, and even the colours and nomenclature (year groups, house names, for example).

The admissions data most requested so far is:

● Enquiries by stage and month
● Conversion rates from stage to stage
● Year-on-year comparison
● Current availability of places
● Take-up of places over three years
● Where enquirers live
● Enquirers’ lifestyle groups
● Prospectus requesters
● Methods of communication
● Open day attendees
● Enquiries to follow up.

Secure online platform

MTM Admissions Dashboard is ideal for remote working. It lives online so admissions and marketing professionals, bursars, heads and whoever else is authorised can access it wherever there’s a connection to the internet and on whichever device is to hand.

It’s also completely secure. It works via an API and does not store data. Users have their own logins and passwords and the system is well protected.

One of the best aspects of my role is chatting to the people who work in the business of education, hearing about the challenges they face as they strive to ensure that their schools remain successful and secure.

With MTM Admissions Dashboard, we have found a way to help schools keep on top of their admissions data and to spot the leaks in the pipeline, so they’re able to address them and achieve success in recruiting pupils well into the future.

To find out more about MTM Admissions Dashboard, please chat to the friendly MTM team by emailing or calling 01502 722787.

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