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Sponsored: In this extract from their latest e-book, Class Technology Solutions Limited (CTS) look at the challenges independent schools face post-Covid

We are an innovative Microsoft Gold Solutions and Google Partner that provides managed IT support services and solutions exclusively to the UK education sector. In this extract from our latest e-book, we look at the challenges independent schools face post-Covid.

Discussion, collaboration and new experiences are a vital part of delivering education. They play a significant role in students’ understanding and engagement – something that we at Class Technology understand is a fundamental part of how we, as humans, learn best.

Once upon a time, this interaction would all happen on campus, with students and educators together in the classroom. But in a world where many students and teaching staff are working remotely, how do we ensure everyone has the best chance to learn, teach and contribute? Now that Covid-19 has rapidly pushed learning online, it’s essential to rise to the challenge.

Increasingly, education providers are realising that the answer to both current and future challenges is to create a hybrid learning environment. This ensures that effective learning and teaching can continue via whichever methods students and staff need to use. Organisational resilience is the key to maintaining education continuity, whatever unexpected challenges or new technological developments appear in the future.

In our latest e-book, we explore the challenges that independent schools face that prevent them from achieving the organisational resilience that will see them through Covid-19 and beyond. You’ll discover why properly supporting hybrid learning – empowering and bringing together both on-site and remote participants – is key to overcoming these hurdles.

Moving with the times

Right now, it’s a priority to make it easy for students and teachers alike to work and attend remotely, while being able to easily access resources online.

Social distancing measures require education providers to close their doors and host their lessons online.
Many students have found the remote learning experiences to be a positive one. But even before the pandemic there was a growing trend in learning via digital methods.

A recent study found that 90% of graduates and 89% of undergraduates found an online learning experience to be ‘about the same’ or ‘better’ than the traditional in-person model.

By 2025, the global e-learning market is forecast to climb to $325 billion, from $107 billion a decade previously.

So, students expect a high standard of digital experiences and this will affect how many applicants an institution will receive each year. To remain competitive, it’s essential that educators can provide world-class digital learning experiences.

Creating a resilient learning environment

If you can enable your students to continue learning effectively using whichever method you or they choose – you’ve achieved a resilient learning environment.

This allows you to ride the waves of change, demand and unforeseen circumstances, instead of struggling or failing in their wake. Resilience doesn’t have to be a challenge – it’s can be an opportunity. With the right approach, you can ensure both remote and on campus participants are happier, better learners and teachers. But being resilient requires creating long-term digital strategies for remote learning, looking to the future and investing in modern learning technology.

Five challenges to overcome when students or educators are working remotely:

  1. Keeping students and educators connected
  2. Providing seamless digital lessons and workshops
  3. Ensuring that digital lessons are accessible for students with sensory or auditory processing requirements
  4. Coordinating sessions with available spaces and the right equipment
  5. Creating a long-term remote learning environment which will provide return on investment and attract new funding opportunities

To read the rest of our e-book, visit our website at: and find out how you can build the truly modern classroom.


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