Case study: Bloxham School science and maths corridor

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We were approached by the team at Bloxham School and tasked with designing school wall art for a science and maths corridor. We were fortunate to have a lot of lovely white wall space to use, and a combination of corridors and stairwells created the perfect blank canvas for the science and maths corridor.

Famous faces emblazoned on a corridor wall celebrate iconic pioneers within the field of science. In particular, the likes of Rosalind Franklin, Francis Crick and James Watson feature alongside descriptions of their work and contributions.

School wall graphics science stairwell


With a very futuristic feel to the design, maths is the star of the show down the length of a stairwell. Powers of 10 are displayed alongside relative descriptions in the real world. Students will also be amazed to learn incredible facts; like the diameter of the universe!

The science and maths corridor wall art brings these important subjects to life. So pupils can engage naturally with the information. They can also explore imagery and take an interest in these key subjects – at their own pace.

School wall graphics maths corridor

Dynamic design

It’s much easier to understand something if you can see it. So we’ve taken a very visual approach to the design, with lots of large images, colour and big readable text. The result is an awe-inspiring view of the real-world through a scientific lens. This makes the information relatable to students and inspires natural curiosity.

This stunning science and maths themed corridor is one of many examples we can share of wall art in action. Because all our designs are bespoke, there is no limit to what can be achieved on the walls, windows, doors, floors and external buildings of your school.

School wall graphics science corridor


The Periodic table is displayed as a visual overview of all chemical elements in order. Each element is included in a large colourful box, so it’s eye-catching and engaging for pupils. As students make their way between lessons, they’ll begin to recognise the familiar symbols and descriptions of each element.

In this way, the wall art serves as a visual learning aid that complements the STEM aspect of the curriculum!

School wall graphics science stairwell


We included a science timeline down the length of the stairwell. A combination of dates, pictures and facts have transformed a previously plain white wall. Taking the stairs has never been so appealing!

Learn more about our design process here

If you’d like to arrange a remote consultation or a free site visit, get in touch! We’ll discuss your objectives and suggest ways of using wall art to transform your learning environment. We’ll then put together a bespoke quote tailored to your requirements and school budget.

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