AV holds the key to the classroom of the future

Toni Chalk, managing director at Strive AV, discusses why audio-visual (AV) technology is the key to successful digital transformation in the classroom.

At Strive AV, we have deep roots in the education sector and over twenty years’ experience of installation AV at schools, colleges and universities. Last year we rebranded from CDEC to Strive AV, but our commitment to the education sector remains the same and there’s nothing more rewarding than transforming a facility into a connected, modern learning centre with leading AV capabilities.

In recent years, we’ve seen a huge surge in education facilities upgrading their AV, particularly following the pandemic. There’s no question that technology has become increasingly important – from engaging with interactive content, to ensuring that everyone can be seen and heard – AV is an essential element of the learning experience. Here’s an insight into the most wanted AV technologies we’re seeing in the education sector.

Firstly, and by far the biggest growth area for us, is interactive displays. These multifunctional touch screen displays have different capabilities but generally all can be used for video conferencing, presentations, content sharing and whiteboarding. Interactive Displays can be fixed to a wall, on a moveable stand or built into collaboration tables. They support dynamic learning by encouraging students to actively engage with content.

Secondly, audio is everything. AV technologies, such as ceiling audio arrays, can ensure everyone can hear the teacher – no matter where they might be in the room. Professionally installed mics and speakers can be connected to pick up the precise source (e.g teacher’s voice / video content) you want to broadcast and even follow it as they move around the space, to ensure nothing is missed – even for remote participants.

High-quality visuals are also a key component of the modern classroom. Cameras share some of same capabilities as audio arrays, in that they can follow the subject around a space to ‘lock visual’ and deliver a high-quality camera feed, ensuring everyone can clearly see what’s going on.

High-resolution imagery and sound is part of everyday life, it’s how we capture, record and share, and this expectation runs through to how we learn and consume education in the classroom. AV needs to support high-resolution content, and old equipment just won’t do it justice – which is why we’re seeing such a demand from education clients for AV upgrades.

Upgrading equipment is crucial to delivering effective learning environments. While AV upgrades have a cost implication, there are also some long-term economic benefits. New technologies, such as interactive screens, are more energy efficient and include energy-saving features – having a positive impact on energy bills and supporting sustainability.

At Strive AV we’ve introduced a limited time Buy Back Scheme to help with the upgrade costs of interactive displays. It’s a great way for schools to recycle old equipment, whilst also upgrading to the latest AV technology. If you place your order with us for delivery and installation before the 31st of December 2022, we will collect old displays within 20 days and provide cashback. There is no maximum limit, so the more screens purchased the more cashback you’ll receive.

To find out more about the Strive AV Buy Back Scheme and to register your interest, visit https://striveav.com/

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