Password Testing: proud Silver sponsor of BBSW

Dr Helen Wood, head of school partnerships at Password Testing, explains why admissions and marketing staff in independent schools should attend the British Boarding Schools’ Workshop

Every year in early November the admissions and marketing staff of around 90 independent schools from across the UK, along with approximately 100 educational agents from around the world, migrate to Heathrow for one of the best ‘speed dating’ events available in our sector – the British Boarding Schools’ Workshop (BBSW).

It is an event Password are proud to be part of because the values it represents are ones that chime with our mission to be a world-leading educational service provider of online admissions testing, with partnership at the very heart of our activities and a global outlook.

So, for the uninitiated, what are BBSW events and why are they so good?

First and foremost, they are a well-organised and cost-effective way for schools, agents and a select number of educational service providers to meet. Simply put, they are fantastic networking opportunities. Last year, over the course of the two events in November and March, I met with 16 of our existing Password partner schools to gather feedback on how Password Pupil tests were working for them and update them on upcoming developments and consultation opportunities.

What is more, I had the chance to spend quality time talking to many more prospective clients about how Password Pupil tests could help streamline and professionalise their admissions assessment processes, too.

The second reason I am a fan of BBSW is the feeling of community that directors Suzanne and Anthony Rowse go out of their way to foster. Mutual respect, trust and genuine friendship underpin these occasions and lend them an almost celebratory feeling – as if one big family is having a get together. And, if I am honest, that also means a lot of my work promoting Password Pupil tests is actually done by our lovely partner school representatives who informally recommend us in chats with neighbouring schools in the exhibition halls or over coffee breaks and the seemingly endless supply of delicious pastries and snacks.

By the end of the academic year 2018–19, the conversations our attendance at BBSW events generated had led to a further 14 British Boarding Schools’ Network members adopting our tests and there are many more in the pipeline.

As a result, this November, 20 of our partner schools will be at the event and I’ve expanded my networking operations to include agents as well. We will be running training and information sessions to both sets of users prior to the main BBSW programme of seminars.

It is an event Password are proud to be part of because the values it represents are ones that chime with our mission to be a world-leading educational service provider of online admissions testing

This brings me to my third motive for being quite so gushy about what BBSW and the British Boarding Schools’ Network has to offer – the high quality of the agents that participate. Password Pupil tests are mostly delivered overseas by our school partners’ trusted representatives who are, by and large, educational agents. We know that the ones attending BBSW are signed up to a Code of Conduct based on transparency, professionalism, fair and ethical practice.

They have been interviewed and triple reference-checked by the BBSN team before schools get to meet them. Thus, by default, working with schools that attend BBSW gives us reassurance that their agents will maintain the integrity of our tests by running them effectively and securely.

Of course, finding out more about Password Pupil tests is not dependent on your school attending BBSW. We will be at other high-profile upcoming events such as the AMCIS Admissions Conference this month and the new joint conference of BSA, BAISIS and AEGIS which takes place next March.

We organise conferences and workshops under our own auspices as well. In mid-January we have one such event lined up for admissions and EAL staff interested in English language testing in the transition between prep-school and senior school.

Like BBSN, we always provide excellent refreshments to keep your mind fed and spirits up. If you are interested in participating or finding out more, then please do get in touch. 

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