Alleviating stress on admissions teams through assessment tools

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Almost all British independent schools use a variety of measurement methods when assessing applicants and potential new students. Whilst assessment is crucial to determine the fit of a potential new student to a school, an independent assessment tool can be very helpful in giving more applicants an equal chance to prove their ability without putting extra strain on busy admissions teams.

One tool that many British independent schools choose is the unique assessment tool UKiset, which focuses on matching students – mostly international – with the requirements for British independent schools. The results from the test reveal how the candidate compares to students of a similar age in the British school system.

The evaluation tests the child’s underlying learning skills – through verbal, non-verbal and mathematical reasoning tests; together with their level of English – in reading, listening plus a writing assignment in an essay format.

UKiset is free of charge for schools to use. The assessment tool is a comprehensive evaluation of an applicant’s academic potential and English skills. It provides a level playing field for students applying to UK independent schools from anywhere in the world – regardless of their previous academic experience.

The student profiles, and results of the applicants who sit the test, are sent directly to the admissions team, fully marked, with standardised scores comparing them to the standards expected of British independent school students. The reasoning tests (powered by Durham University’s CEM assessments) focus on learning potential rather than learned knowledge – helping to identify the most suitable candidates for a school.

The Cambridge English assessment part of the test provides an internationally recognised language score with equivalent scores to the IELTS scale.

Schools can use assessment tools for different purposes. Schools with especially high numbers of overseas applicants may insist that all overseas pupils provide a test profile to be able to measure each student equally. Others use it as part of their admissions process focusing on only specific parts of the world such as mainland China and Hong Kong.

Using this type of assessment tool can not only help with extracting most from applicants but it can also alleviate assessment strain on admissions teams.

For more information on UKiset and how it works for schools visit:

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