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SPONSORED: Vanessa Miner, Managing Director of Gabbitas, reveals the company’s new look and reaffirmed goals

As you will see from our new logo, we are changing as a company and have rebranded to be known as Gabbitas. We had a discussion as to why we needed to be called Gabbitas Educational Consultants when everyone always refers to us as Gabbitas! We have been in the education business for close to 150 years and the new name is succinct and to the point.

Having sharpened the name and reaffirmed Gabbitas’ international dimension, we wanted to create a logo which gives the feeling of heritage, of history. Our new emblem says: ‘We are in education, we have been for a very long time.’ We realised that red was a colour everyone liked, particularly in China where red symbolises good fortune and joy.

The new Gabbitas logo depicts what looks like a crimson crown, but at closer inspection is a family, whose embracing hands form a letter G. Sharp and simple, it speaks volumes. Developing the new branding was centred around how we look forward as a business, and how we unite as one Gabbitas to drive our vision.

The important thing for me was to take the heritage of Gabbitas and our dedication to excellence into our role in improving educational opportunities and standards internationally. The visual changes underpin an important structural change in creating a customer-centred operation. We are now one team dedicated to looking after our clients and all their needs.

We have a new account management system for clients so whether you are looking for advice on school places, tutoring or guardianship, it is only one phone call and one person who will help you navigate to what you need, making it a much easier process.

Having sharpened the name and reaffirmed Gabbitas’ international dimension, we wanted to create a logo which gives the feeling of heritage, of history

We offer a highly personalised service for every child as we believe that there is never a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. We have unrivalled experience in finding the right educational path from nursery to university, and as educational experts we understand the independent schools’ sector inside out. Many families remain with us for the lifetime of their child’s education, whilst others appreciate our sensitivity in helping their child with a fresh start.

We have great longstanding relationships with schools across the UK. We provide clear and dispassionate advice supported by our unique UKiset assessment, plus interviews with parents and children so our advice always has the interests of the child at the heart.

With 11+ on the horizon, families looking to provide some extra support can access our excellent team of tutors be it for a specific subject or more general help in preparing for this all-important exam. We have prepared our Summer School schedule and will be happy to advise and take bookings for the 2019 break – many schools get full very quickly so the earlier the better!

David Palfreyman, Bursar of New College Oxford, and Vanessa Miner at Gabbitas’ Leaders Midwinter Party

The international student community with whom we work is growing and our bespoke guardianship and homestay programme for overseas students is world-class. If you have a child at boarding school we can help, even for last-minute emergencies.

If you would like to consider hosting an international student in your home, our students require varying levels of support so we can offer great flexibility to our host families from full-time hosting to one weekend a term or emergency cover.

We can be contacted on 020 7734 0161, or via our new website

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