You are a year older, but are you a year wiser?

SPONSORED: Tracy Shand, Founder of Simply Boarding, has three questions you should ask yourself this year

With the New Year comes new expectations. Some of us form resolutions, while others say doing that is too mainstream and prefer to ‘go with the flow’ – opting for spontaneity in the process. Whichever school of thought we belong to, the year ahead will be one of possibilities and opportunities. It is time to be future ready to make 2019 work for you by getting a pen, putting the kettle on and answering a few simple questions.

What should you start?

January is the month of resolutions, February is the month of what resolutions! What new habits or adventures do you want to begin in school and out? Take 12 pieces of paper, write some ideas down and put them in a jar. Every month I take one out. Action it! How about you?

What should you stop?

Are you stuck? Are you in the same job miserable and first in line for the TES on a Friday? Being stuck is not nice and affects your wellbeing and mental health. Grab some paper and dream. What do you want to say by 31st December 2019? How can you get there?

What do you need to do more of?

Stop thinking paperwork and lesson planning! You have one life, now is the time to live it! Become a genius on 2019 by ring-fencing one hour just for you. Just one hour. Do something that makes you happy or something you have not done for a while. Try it and encourage your team to do the same and share together at the end of a term.

2019 has just started and it is your year – are you going to live it?


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