Will we learn the right lessons from the coronavirus crisis to be successful in our ‘new normal’?

Tracy Shand, author of Boardingology, believes the answer lies in just three words

One worldwide virus, invisible with no rhyme or reason for who it strikes next. Yes, we saw it coming in the data but when did you prepare for the devastation of today with the results of tomorrow?

In one moment, our lives were changed, with words like ‘lockdown’, ‘distancing’, ‘home schooling’ and even ‘covidiot’ now appearing regularly in the media. But with a crisis comes an opportunity to learn and grow, to go back to our roots.

So, what have you learned from this moment? What one thing do you want to keep? What one thing do you want to lose when we go back to our ‘new normal’? Your community is wondering the same. Now, lets explore some lessons learned as one thing is certain: you have changed.

Simple things can create the biggest impacts and do not need to cost anything.

Innovation is our friend. Being creative is all about thinking differently.

Stronger together and we are all connected. Reaching out and reaching in.

You don’t need to always learn what to do, you need to learn what to stop.

Later does not always mean never. What jobs have you done that you have never before had time to do?

True investment starts with you. The most powerful thing is between your two ears. Furloughed? Learn something new, do something your future self would thank you for.

What do you need to prepare yourself for our new now? Who can help?

What do people remember? You, connections and feelings.

Just be human. You are enough. Add this every day. Stay safe out there and thank you for reading.

W: www.simplyboarding.com

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