How is your emotional wardrobe this school year?

Tracy Shand, author of Boardingology, says what you wear on the inside is more powerful than you think

New nicely pressed school uniforms, your new professional wardrobe and smiles as the year begins.

How is your wardrobe now? Maybe, like me, you are slowly getting back into your favourite outfits now the summer excess of eating well is over! But you take two outfits into your professional world. What you wear on the outside is for everyone to see. But, with the stigma of mental health you may never know what everyone is wearing on the inside.

Your emotional wardrobe, what you wear on the inside, is more powerful that you would ever think. Your thoughts drive your emotions. Your emotions drive your behaviour and wellbeing. Let me ask you this, what has changed in your personal and professional life since day one?

What is the effect of the emotions that you are wearing this academic year having on you?

With the shiny gloss of this new year becoming a rapid memory, check out my three top tips to help you.

Create the outfit that you want to wear

Have a morning routine that works for you. Do you have a favourite quote or mantra that helps ground you for the day? Be positive.


Write down what has happened and how you feel about it. Put it somewhere safe. Once a week, look at the emotional outfits you are wearing every day. What help do you need? Take action today.

What is the one question you need to ask to make your collection a masterpiece?

Now answer it. Emotions are contagious in any organisation. Be the change this school year by opening the door to supporting everyone to move forward.


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