Are you ready for mad March?

SPONSORED: Tracy Shand, founder of Simply Boarding, asks, ‘could you be a difference maker?’

It is not what you think.

What is this all about? Red mist, angry emotions, talking about mental health stigma or even frisky hares (where the mad March idiom came from)? Nowhere near. Do you want another go? Let me give you some space to think about what the answer could be. 

M         A         D 

Whatever your age or position, it is the spaces that make the difference in the quality of your life or the organisational culture you walk into. So this March, be the change in your community and Make A Difference by just being you, some creativity and the gift of time.

It is time to unleash the power of one. 

One chair

Take a seat – my frisky hare comment may have stunned you. What do you say to yourself in that very chair, professional? The way that you talk to yourself becomes your inner voice, so make a difference to yourself by changing your self talk one phrase at a time. Come on awesome professional, what else could you say? The way you talk to your team becomes their inner voice – do you need to make a difference to how you do things? 


Allocate 1% of your day to making a difference. No time? Well let us look at the maths. Each day has 1,440 minutes in it, so all you need is 14 minutes. It is time for you to embrace the new title of ‘difference maker’ – what ideas do you have?

Expand your community thinking to make a difference to each other. In the current educational landscape, it is time to make a difference to everyone to be the best that they can be with the gifts they have. Are you ready, community difference maker? Your time is NOW.

To find out more about Simply Boarding, visit their website.

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