Make Education not War – Fundraising appeal launches to support Ukrainian teachers

Teachers in Ukraine determined to continue to educate but in need of urgent support

A campaign led out of Ukraine and coordinated by environmental charity Global Action Plan UK aims to ensure Ukrainian teachers are able to continue to educate children through incredibly difficult circumstances.

The campaign, Make Education not War, will initially work with a core group of teachers from 30 schools before rolling out across the country.

With most of the teaching being remote, and the majority taking place with pupils who have been made refugees by the war, the teachers need a specific set of resources to continue to offer an effective education to their students.

Global Action Plan is working on a voluntary basis in partnership with GAP International Ukraine associates and educators Galina Gulpan and Olena Zarichna in Ukraine to raise funds to meet identified needs, namely:

Trauma support: given the terrible circumstances there is an immediate need for trauma support for teachers, both for themselves but also to enable them to support their pupils.

Tablets or computers with the right software, chargers and connectively to enable remote teaching.

Saturday schools: for displaced young people, many of whom will be enrolled in schools in a different country to provide support delivered in the Ukrainian language on important topics such as integration into a new community and maintaining their cultural connection.

Luke Wynne, head of education and schools at Global Action Plan, said: “Ukrainian teachers have shown astonishing courage and resilience by continuing to teach despite facing the most extraordinary circumstances in the ongoing conflict.

“These dedicated teachers, who until recently were living a normal life just like teachers anywhere, now find themselves working through unthinkable times, but with a powerful determination to continue their students’ education. We are proud to be supporting this campaign – it’s clear we must put our hands in our pockets, so that these teachers can continue to do their job.”

While, Olena Zarichna, teacher, deputy school director, Ukraine, said: “A new generation of pupils appeared in the 2020 school year – they saw Ukraine in the war. Another role has been added to the role of teachers: to integrate children into Ukrainian society in war conditions.

“Ordinary school teachers (not hero teachers!) are the bridge that connects schoolchildren- refugees with Ukraine, its culture, language, values and future. Our project is about the journey of  those who were not, and are not, afraid of shelling or hardship, and yet continue to teach children.”

Helping fellow professionals in Ukraine

The fundraising appeal is being run through Just Giving and is calling on those in the education profession in the UK, particularly senior leaders and governors, to donate to their fellow professionals in Ukraine.

Global Action Plan is sharing the appeal with its teacher network through the Transform Our World online hub. Senior educators, governors and parents across the UK are being asked to contribute.

If you would like to support the campaign, donations can be made at:

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