Talking lockdown

Anthony Baxter, co-founder of Lifebell, shares insights into effective communication and locking for sitewide emergency management in schools – on a budget

How do you know your school is lockdown ready for unexpected incidents?

Take the test. Score yourself: 1 = not ready; 10 = fully in place and working smoothly.

Is your school ready?

Distinctive sounders

Any bell or voice warning needs to be instantly distinguishable from any other alarm (e.g. a fire bell, which demands evacuation).

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Comprehensive coverage

The alert must be able to be heard across the whole school site, taking into account that future building projects may require an extension to the system.

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Emergency buttons

Emergency lockdown buttons should be located throughout the buildings, not all in one place.

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Administrator contact

Placing a member of admin staff in a direct two-way call with the user of the emergency button allows assessment of the facts.

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Voice commands

A customisable public address (PA) function is used for instructions, reassurance and control.

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System integration

Single button triggers to other systems such as automatic door/gate locking, activation of security grilles/blinds.

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If you would like to access the free Lifebell lockdown guide, email your score to or call 0330 223 0491.


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