How to implement a secure environment for learning

The approaching summer break marks a perfect time to reassess your current pupil security programme

Ofsted requires that students are provided with a safe environment during school time and that all visitors and contractors can easily be identified. Essentra Security’s sales and marketing manager, Sue Woodcock, discusses how to implement a secure learning environment and explains some of the advantages of doing so.

How has the role of ID cards changed in recent years?

Historically, student and staff ID cards have been used for visual identification purposes in higher education but they have evolved into a valuable way to keep students of all age groups safe, controlling access to school grounds. Applications have also developed from a visual ID with no technology to smart cards that integrate with access control systems and software to record, control and issue ID. Cards can also be used for cashless vending and the library.

Isn’t producing ID cards costly and time consuming for a school?

An electronic visitor management system offers an easy approach to managing and identifying access to school grounds. Working with a supplier that offers full, manufacturer trained, in-house support (as we do) means efficiency in planning and implementation. It’s important to have the ability to issue ID cards quickly and efficiently so that all students, staff and visitors have the appropriate identification. Our solutions eliminate the time required by traditional methods. You can process and print enrolment cards in bulk ready for the new term with speeds of 210 cards per hour with added tactile impression security features!

Can you integrate your solutions into legacy IT systems?

Yes, working with our highly trained technical support team, we can help you migrate from legacy systems to ensure a smooth transition. Our ongoing support is offered in a variety of options to suit your needs. For example, on-site training, installation, specialised remote support and more. We make it as easy as you need us to, taking care of the whole end-to-end process from installing your system to providing experienced technical support.

Is there still time for schools to overhaul their current campus security measures before the 2019/2020 academic year begins?

Yes, there is time to consider new ID security measures in this academic year.  Our education specialists have the capability to work with you to identify your needs, from which recommendations can be drawn. 

The best thing to do is get in touch today for a conversation about your requirements. 

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