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What we do

Education Solutions for your School
Webanywhere provide the primary, secondary and further education sectors with a range of tools aimed at helping improve both teaching and learning. Below you will find a selection of the services we provide, including our web-based CMS, School Jotter currently used by over 3,000 schools.
If you’d like to start your free trial of School Jotter now, simply click here to contact us and get started or if you want to find out more about using Moodle as your VLE, visit

About us

As customers, whether at home or at work, we’re all surrounded by brands every day. At Webanywhere, it’s important to us that our brand provides our customers with a set of positive beliefs that reinforces what we stand for, and sets us apart with an instantly recognisable identity in a crowded marketplace.
We’re a specialist provider of web-based learning platforms and online resources. We provide online learning solutions to over 3,500 educational and corporate clients. We are extending our global footprint to the US and other regions. We are experts in technologies that enable people to achieve more and collaborate through shared learning.
All this requires a powerful brand that will convey our vision through everything we say and do. That’s why we’ve decided to create a rebranded identity for the first time in our history. We introduce you to that brand here and explain why it is something we believe is vital to our future.
From roots to shoots
Since our formation in 2003, our company has changed and evolved. However our essence, our key beliefs, have remained untouched. As we’ve always done, we stretch beyond with our enthusiasm and willingness to go further. We’re still in front of market needs and we go beyond what’s expected to deliver a truly positive experience for our customers. You can learn more about our key beliefs here.
Our new identity

Knowledge and experience both acquired through learning - are everything to most people, young and old. Our core mission is to go beyond today by creating innovative web based learning platforms that enable you to stretch your potential.
In short, we Stretch Beyond. This is our new brand tagline.
The starting point for our creative inspiration was the concept of an organic ‘Tree of Knowledge’ or ‘Tree of Life’ - elements symbolic of lifetime learning, which underpins the vision we have for our company.
Then we looked at some of the associations with our brand tagline. The tree that stretches the most is the rubber tree. We used the leaf of the rubber tree as the focus for our brand identity.
Rubber is also the material used for making the soles of most sports shoes. The rubber shoe is therefore used as the device to communicate movement in any direction; the spine of the rubber leaf is the motif that forms the pattern on the sole of the shoe. These elements, combined, represent our tagline, “Stretch Beyond”.
Our dominant corporate colours are green and white, to reflect the organic nature of the tree.
We like our new identity a lot. We hope you do too.


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