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Justin Smith, CEO and founder of the Educational App Store, selects the top five educational apps for primary schools

With over 153,000 educational apps in the market trying to achieve recognition, compiling a ‘top five’ for a school environment for 2014 is extremely difficult. The suitability of each varies on factors including the key stage, subject and learning style, but Justin Smith, CEO and founder of the Educational App Store, selects the following five contenders.

1 – King Of Maths 
Suitable for KS1 and KS2 pupils, it deserves recognition for its successful game-based implementation whilst covering all the major topics and curriculum objectives for maths, making it an ideal and addictive game for anyone to play!

2 – Justin’s World – Goldilocks
An exciting early years app encouraging younger pupils to follow their favourite television entertainer on a new adventure and enjoy the fundamentals of story time through interactive reading.

3 – Lightbot-Programming Puzzles
With technology revolutionising the 21st century it has been emphasised that UK pupils need to develop a better understanding of computer science and the physics revolving around programming; this is an excellent way for pupils of all ages, primarily KS1 and KS2, to understand the fundamentals of algorithms, creating and debugging programs and more.

4 – GCSE Maths Complete
For older KS4 pupils, this app is loved by its users in its ability to successfully explain concepts and demonstrate the use of formulas, testing whether the information is processed and retained with two different quizzes within each topic.

5 – Squeebles Spelling Test
Vocabulary develops continually as a child grows; this exciting app makes learning how to spell convenient and personalised to the user

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