Top international education influencers revealed

A new white paper has revealed the teachers, school leaders and experts affecting change in international education

ISC Research has identified the top social media influencers within international education in a new white paper.

The organisation has named the individuals ‘edruptors’ due to the impact they can have to affect change for educators. The top 75 edruptors of 2021, along with the top ‘edrupting’ organisations, are all ranked in the report.

The top 10 edruptors include international school leaders David Willows, director of advancement at the International School of Brussels in Belgium, and Kai Vacher, principal of British School Muscat in Oman. Also included is David Harkin, director of entrepreneurship and innovation at Chatsworth Schools, who is the CEO of education company 8billionideas.

Completing the list are edtech podcasters Sophie Bailey and Monica Burns, teacher Vicky Davis, professors Ioannis Ioannou and Alec Couros, and CEOs Al Kingsley and Karim Abouelnaga.

“Today, influencers, like our edruptors, play a role of significant importance,” said Sam Fraser, director of research at ISC Research. “Educators value the experiences and advice of their peers, and social media has helped schools, teachers and education experts all over the world to learn from each other.”

The individuals were identified through analysis of key social media channels, followers and content. In the white paper, they share details of their preferred social media platforms, content that impacts their followers the most and their opinions on what will matter most within education in 2022.

Harkin explained what he thinks makes a good edruptor: “You’ve got to go steady in education and earn your reputation. Do good work and, after a series of months or years, that builds up and this allows you to become someone people might listen to.

“Have a positive progressive vision for the future; put stuff out there that’s realistic, that people can move towards, and articulate it well. It’s one thing having the idea. You’ve also got to be able to articulate it in a way that everybody understands.”

ISC Research provides data and intelligence on international education.

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