The story so far: Promethean’s #ClassroomStory

As #ClassroomStory is getting into full swing, entries are coming in thick and fast

In an effort to celebrate all things good about teaching, Promethean recently launched the #ClassroomStory competition, giving educators the chance to win a state-of-the-art ActivPanel by sharing inspiring teacher memories with the education community.

Following the negative headlines about extensive teacher workloads and what’s being called the ‘crisis in education’, Promethean wanted to help teachers recognise the wonderful work that they do, the impact they have on the lives of students and to relive cherished educator memories. As #ClassroomStory is getting into full swing, and entries are coming in thick and fast, Promethean shares the story so far.

Once upon a time – Dan’s story

#ClassroomStory was piloted at Bett 2019, and teachers were encouraged to come forward and share warm teacher memories with the incentive of winning an ActivPanel that could not only help integrate technology into the classroom but assist with collaborative teaching and learning methods.

Dan Rolles, network manager at Shielding Special Education Trust, told Promethean about a young boy named Brandon. Brandon, was passionate about technology and as a result of one-on-one sessions and inspiration from his teacher, has now completed an ICT degree and is working for the ICT department of a large bank.

Following the encouragement, he received from his teacher in his teen years, Brandon thanked Dan for the support in his university acceptance speech, stating that without the additional help and guidance he feels that he would never have pursued a career in ICT, something which Dan was incredibly pleased to share.

Turning teacher memories into edtech

Technology has the ability to transform the teaching environment, creating a versatile and engaging sphere to help students and teachers to learn and develop in adaptive classrooms and help to familiarise students with technology from a young age. Technology also has the ability to help teachers create and experiment with new and exciting ways to teach, therefore encouraging students to engage within lessons and spark creative energy.

Despite the potential technology has for our future learners, budgets can be restrictive and many schools are unable to break down the barriers to access this technology. Promethean, with the help of the #ClassroomStory competition, has made the potential of benefiting from this technology possible.

The award-winning ActivPanel has become a popular tool in classrooms around the world and it could be yours just by sharing magical teaching moments that transformed the way you feel about teaching.

Enter the #ClassroomStory competition today by sharing a video entry on social media, to be in with the chance of winning an ActivPanel package valued at approximately £3,000, all for the love of learning.

To find out more about #ClassroomStory and how to enter, please visit

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