Lexonik to share COBIS school success stories at conference

Lexonik will once again exhibit at the COBIS Annual Conference, this time to share news of success generated by collaboration with COBIS member schools

The COBIS Annual Conference 2019 could be one to remember for a very significant reason – Lexonik.

Lexonik are delighted to be returning as exhibitors and are very much looking forward to sharing the amazing success stories generated by collaboration with COBIS member schools.

As COBIS supporting members, Lexonik are proud to be recognised as a quality training provider, promoting enhanced teaching and learning and enabling higher achievement across all levels of ability, ages and subject areas.

Lexonik is an award-winning company, with a unique talent and (fortunately for partners schools) resources and teaching for accelerated learning, through improved literacy. Regardless of starting point, Lexonik has proved that levels of attainment can be raised through specific targeted instruction.

Since establishment in 2011, Lexonik has worked with hundreds of schools internationally, trained in excess of 1,000 teachers and most importantly, developed comprehension, word knowledge, language confidence and achievement for more than 70,000 students.

Since establishment in 2011, Lexonik has worked with hundreds of schools internationally

During this year’s COBIS conference, there will be opportunities to meet with the Lexonik global team and even see a demo lesson delivered by founder director Katy Parkinson.

One of the greatest examples of a COBIS/Lexonik school partnership is British School Muscat (BSM), so we’re therefore grateful that Kai Vacher and other members of the BSM leadership team will also be available to talk to at certain points during the event.

What next? For now, read about the impact of Lexonik implementation at BSM, plan to join Leading the Way on 11 May, come and find out more at stand 10 and/or get in touch to book a one to one appointment with one of our team while in London. Let’s discuss how we can help YOU raise attainment next year in partnership with us!

The BSM story

Lexonik was implemented in high-performing British School Muscat (BSM) last February, through the initial training of nominated teaching staff. As a result of impact and overwhelmingly positive feedback from staff and students alike, a further three year partnership has been agreed.


The average gain in reading age in the initial cohort was 19 months, with the second cohort seeing an average reading age gain of 22 months, after the standard Lexonik six week programme, having a remarkable impact on comprehension and academic language across the curriculum instantly.

Although Lexonik has proved to be beneficial for all levels of ability, teachers saw significant and outstanding progress with a number of SEN and EAL students.


Teachers commented on the impact Lexonik methodologies had on individual students within mainstream lessons, with particular improvement in student confidence with spellings. Students following the Lexonik programme, who had previously hidden and shied away from sharing spellings, were now more confident in sharing and discussing them.

The competitive and challenge-based nature of Lexonik was a real success in terms of not only engaging and motivating students, but also allowing students to discuss their sessions in between times, making sure the programme was something they were proud of and keen to attend.

High achievers

High achievers were cynical to begin with and felt Lexonik, or indeed any intervention was beneath them. However, with teacher perseverance this apathy soon reverted once students saw the competitive element and potential of the programme. The performance of the year 11 cohort indicated that Lexonik was an appropriate resource for higher achievers.

All year 11 students have been taught the Lexonik programme and reading methodology, so attention now turns to sixth form students who will benefit from Lexonik instruction.

The Lexonik team are a joy to work with

The BSM team have said that their next target area will be years eight and 10, plus any other students who they feel could benefit from an instant ‘Lexonik boost’! The senior BSM Lexonik team now hope to liaise with BSM primary, working together to provide a whole school experience for students.

Kai Vacher, principal of BSM, said: “The Lexonik team are a joy to work with. With a resolute commitment to supporting children with their literacy learning at the heart of their mission, you could not wish to work with a more professional, dynamic and enthusiastic team.

“Following the relatively short training programme with Lexonik founder Katy Parkinson, colleagues at BSM have been trained, supported and energised to make a substantial difference to children’s literacy development. Why would you consider any other literacy programme?”

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