Kings Monkton pupils debate abortion, immigration and LGBTQ+ rights with Delhi partner school

Students at the private school in Cardiff debated contentious social issues via video link with peers in Delhi Public School

Students from Kings Monkton School in Cardiff debated abortion, immigration and LGBTQ+ rights with students at Delhi Public School.

The debate was held via a live video link and brought together a panel of secondary school students to discuss contentious social issues that also included Donald Trump’s pledge to build a wall between America and Mexico.

It is the second debate in a series between the schools that aims to foster international links and integration between cultures.

Students were encouraged to challenge each other’s thoughts and opinions, but often found common ground with their peers.

Students discussed whether immigration was a problem or an opportunity and whether LGBTQ+ people should have the right to marriage.

Paul Norton, principal at Kings Monkton School said: “We want every young person that studies here to feel proud of their culture and comfortable to express their beliefs and opinions. The discussions today are just one example of how we are developing an environment where students are encouraged to learn about, understand and respect the cultural beliefs of their peers.

“I’m very proud to see how our pupils have worked with their peers at Delhi Public School to explore often contentious topics and learn to accept and integrate a variety of opinions.”

Clara Stewart, 17, a Kings Monkton student ambassador who chaired the debate, said: “Wherever you are in the world, strong opinions on these topics fuel passionate discussion. It was an enjoyable challenge to chair this debate, with insightful arguments coming from both sides, and I’m excited to see how our relationship with Delhi Public School develops in future.”

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