How COBIS member schools can benefit from a MIS

iSAMS looks at how a management information system can support your school

With over 80 COBIS member schools having partnered with iSAMS, a management information system (MIS) which fully supports British international school life, in this article we look at how a MIS can (and should) support your school as we advance into the future of international education.

iSAMS offers internationals schools features to monitor student wellbeing and improve communication across the school community with a suite of multilingual apps. The system is designed to support dual-curriculum and help improve the efficiency of multicultural student enrolment with an integrated, paperless online admissions solution – plus the integrated accounting solution is tailored to meet the specific requirements for finance teams.

Accessing key information anywhere, anytime

In the height of the digital era, when you’re used to 24/7 access to everything you need online, we don’t see why school information should be any different. That’s why the iSAMS platform is 100% web-based and designed to meet international schools’ fundamental needs, now and in the future, all while supporting members of staff, transforming parental engagement and empowering student learning.

Efficient student enrolment

As your school looks to expand, we all know that first impressions can often make all the difference when it comes to showcasing what you can offer prospective parents and students – and the iSAMS Admissions Portal does just this. From initial enquiries right through to student enrolment, the portal is flexible enough to mould to your current processes so it’s as intuitive as possible for your admissions team to use. Branded to your preferences it sits within your school’s own website and seamlessly links to the MIS in real-time, so all enquiries, data and reporting can be managed directly within iSAMS.

For prospective parents, the Admissions Portal becomes a simpler and more convenient way to send comprehensive enquiry information to a school they’re interested in; details which can be submitted at any time, from anywhere in the world and using any device.

Encourage parental engagement

iSAMS supports parents at international schools with add-ons such as the Parent Portal and iParent App. Thoughtfully structured to give parents instant insights into the school life of each of their children, you’re able to share timetables, teaching groups, exam information, school reports, disciplinary details and permission slips remotely, so parents can access them quickly, anywhere in the world and easily at their convenience.

Streamline administrative processes

Your members of staff are the bedrock of your school community and culture, so as your school expands you want to ensure they’re also well supported in the completion of their daily tasks. iSAMS features help to streamline lengthy administrative processes and take them online, so your staff can spend more time teaching, building relationships with prospective and existing parents, and addressing other essential tasks.

A particular favourite among the teachers we work with is the iReport App, which offers a simpler and faster way of completing end-of-term and end-of-year reports via mobile devices. Now teachers can manage their time even more efficiently by writing and submitting grades, assessments and school reports wherever they are – whether it’s on school trip commutes, in the classroom or on the move.

Developed specifically with your finance team in mind, a tried and tested accounting software from the business arena has been adapted for use within the education sector. The outcome, is the highly intuitive and unique iFinance cloud-based accounting solution. An integrated MIS and accounting solution brings your academic, wellbeing, administrative and fee billing elements together with a powerful accounting and finance solution. With fully-interactive reporting and a rich range of features, you can monitor your budgets and manage your finances with even more confidence.

Supporting student wellbeing

Beyond all this, we know that at the end of the day, an international school’s central aim is to provide students with the best possible experience and help them define their path to higher education.

The Wellbeing Manager module was developed so all student wellbeing and safeguarding concerns could be recorded, managed and monitored in a single place, alongside recommended onward actions and future developments that can be shared with relevant staff members and parents/guardians where required.

Empowering student learning

Beyond this, students also have access to their own dedicated Student Portal and iStudent App. In a generation that’s grown up with mobile devices, it’s imperative to create communications channels that feel most natural and easy for students to encourage greater engagement. The Student Portal and App provide each student with immediate access to their timetables, teaching groups, exam details, school reports, key updates and more – wherever they are and on their preferred device. By facilitating this greater interaction between students and your school we hope to inspire your students to take control of their learning and work towards improved outcomes.

Intrigued by the possibilities iSAMS could unlock at your school? Visit us at the 38th COBIS Annual Conference to see how we can support your school.

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