Heathfield students dress for success

The Ascot school’s annual fashion show was helmed by former creative director for Karl Lagerfeld, Stephen Lisseman

Art students at Heathfield, Ascot, have been showcasing their work in the school’s annual fashion show. Directed by former creative director for Karl Lagerfeld and Gucci, Stephen Lisseman, the show was based on the theme of ‘purpose’, to “encourage every student to find her own creative direction and to reflect the spirit of grit and determination that underpins success”.

Participants were directed to explore new ideas and push boundaries

With the school marking its 120th anniversary this year, the creations gracing the catwalk celebrated work both past and present, ranging from costume to wearable sculpture, demi-couture to accessories. The garments were designed and produced by students as part of their examination level work for GCSE and A-level art and design.

The show also offered behind the scenes opportunities for students to flex their creative talents, from photographing the outfits for the programme to dressing the models and organising accessories.

Creation by Minna Samengo-Turner

Year 13 fashion student, Minna Samengo-Turner, said: “The fashion show gives you an opportunity to showcase your garments in a professional environment. It is an experience you don’t usually get and a privilege to take part in.”

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Lisseman’s involvement extended beyond the show. During the Michaelmas and Lent terms, he worked with students on one-to-one tutorials and delivered a series of lectures, including theory of design, new aesthetics, fabric selection, portfolio preparation, and building a collection.

“The fashion show gives you an opportunity to showcase your garments in a professional environment”

Head of art and design, Eve Feilen, said: “Stephen’s extensive experience in the fashion industry has given our students an invaluable insight into how their creativity can translate into the world of work. He was very quick to tease out ideas from the students’ work, which has inspired them to think big.”

Summing up his experience of working at Heathfield, Lisseman said: “I hope to share knowledge and excitement that inspires creativity. I believe that one should explore new ideas, push boundaries, in order to make a difference and constantly challenge ourselves to be better.”

Students were encouraged to find their own creative direction
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