Ensuring your school is mentally healthy

TISUK is a provider of mental health training for staff in every school in Cornwall

A trauma informed school is one that is able to support children and teenagers who suffer with trauma or mental health problems and whose troubled behaviour acts as a barrier to learning.

Major public health studies show that when children who have suffered several painful life experiences are not helped, there is a very high chance of them going on to suffer severe mental and physical ill-health and our training programmes were born out of response to this.

We support schools, communities and other organisations in providing relationships for these children that heal minds, brains and bodies. Key conversational skills in addressing and making sense of what has happened are central to our work as is a major shift in whole school/organisation/community culture.

With the mental ill-health of children and young people in the news every day, it’s vital we take action. Our training programmes are based on the evidence that schools are the right place to heal troubled minds. Furthermore, the government Green Paper 2017 on child and adolescent mental health states:

There is evidence that appropriately-trained and supported staff such as teachers, school nurses, counsellors and teaching assistants can achieve results comparable to those achieved by trained therapists in delivering a number of interventions addressing mild to moderate mental health problems (such as anxiety, conduct disorder, substance use disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder).

We offer:

  • One day whole school training
  • Half day or one day Senior Leads training
  • Diploma in Trauma and Mental Health Informed Schools and Communities (Practitioner Status). Many regions throughout the UK (10 days)

Our practical skills-based training courses, supported by over 1,000 evidence-based research studies, are designed to inform and empower school staff to help vulnerable children to achieve and thrive and to ensure that staff feel nurtured in the process. The training provides deeply moving innovative whole school cultural practice as well as one-to-one interventions.

If you want to change troubled childrens’ lives, positively impact on school culture, and prevent teachers leaving because of stress, then this course is a must.

TISUK is a provider of mental health training for staff in every school in Cornwall (Headstart Kernow).

Mentally Healthy School Awards

Is your school or organisation mental health-informed?

If you think that your organisation, school or community is mental health-informed or trauma and mental health-informed, you may want to apply for one of our four prestigious awards:

  1. Mentally Healthy School Award
  2. Mentally Healthy Organisation School Award
  3. Trauma & Mental Health Informed School Award
  4. Trauma & Mental Health Informed Organisation Award

If successful, you will be invited to attend our ceremony in London where you will be awarded a certificate and plaque for your school. There will be a keynote speech by a celebrity in the field and you are welcome to bring guests.

Help inspire best practice for others in the field of mental health.

E: info@traumainformedschools.co.uk

W: www.traumainformedschools.co.uk

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