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Bournemouth Collegiate School comments on schools’ awareness of the pressures on young people’s wellbeing

‘Pupils are kinder to each other but harder on themselves.’ said the findings of extensive research carried out by the Headmaster’ and Mistresses’ Conference.

RusselI Slatford, Headmaster at Bournemouth Collegiate School (BCS), said: “Having been at Bournemouth Collegiate School for five months, these articles have been the catalyst for me to reflect on my time at the School and about the pupils in my care. Initially I was saddened by the thought that young people are so hard on themselves. The broad and varied curriculum at BCS aims to develop at its core a sense of self‐worth, of confidence and an intrinsic individual value. Music, performing arts, public speaking, Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, sport, the list is long of ways that we aim to develop the positive self-image of young people. 

“The research states: ‘Young people in all types of school are experiencing pressures like never before. They worry about getting the right grades in public exams that appear ever more important, a place at their chosen university and a good career beyond that so they can pay off increasing levels of student debt – all whilst constantly trying to look their best on social media.’ 

Young people are under increasing societal and academic pressures

“It is the last part that really underpins the challenges young people face today. Social media distances individuals from the influence of their on‐line interactions; body language, emotional response and personal interaction are learnt skills of face-to-face communication. Perhaps in part it is this lack of human response and subsequent reaction that leads our sons and daughters to struggle to understand their own self‐worth. It is no surprise that there has been a rise in mental and emotional issues in schools and we must work harder than ever to provide young people with the education and support they need.

“At BCS we take our responsibility very seriously and fully support the Sunday Times Young Minds campaign in its efforts to ensure teachers are better trained and understand the early warning signs of mental health.”


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