Creative space for discerning students

Ben Berry, founder of The StudyBed Company, discusses innovative design solutions to maximise space and comfort for students

Despite higher tuition fees and the fragile economy, student numbers are still soaring. Student accommodation is big business, with a mammoth 39% rise in private purpose-built accommodation between 2003 and 2013.

While traditional halls of residence are being refurbished, new state-of-the-art accommodation blocks are emerging with central services that are akin to those enjoyed in private residential apartments.

Students are increasingly discerning, and high on their selection criteria, as identified in the NUS survey of UK student housing, are ‘homes fit for study’.

With limited building plots available – especially in London – clever planning in the design phase is crucial to maximise student occupancy and the return on investment, whilst maintaining comfort and functionality. Combining the expertise of architects, innovative interior design and space-saving furniture creates living areas that meet both the needs of students and housing groups.

The unique StudyBed is an example of space-saving furniture which is increasingly being used to ease the challenges of limited space in schools and universities. The dual functioning bed and desk combination is proven to help maximise space and give flexible options for dormitories, those ‘awkward’ rooms and twinning scenarios.

Within a small footprint, the desk converts to a bed (single, small double or double) in a matter of seconds. The desk pulls down effortlessly and without the need to remove any books, computer equipment, drinks or general clutter. As the desk pulls down the fully made-up bed emerges from the wall – very much making ‘homes fit for study’.

The free-standing StudyBed can be finished in any colour and tailored for individual needs. They can be transferred between rooms to give different configurations as and when needed throughout the academic year.

Sheila Daly, Head of Residential Services at the University of Portsmouth, said of their StudyBeds: “You get flexibility and quality combined. When we considered the cost of each room void, the investment was clearly worthwhile.”

The StudyBed is one of the examples of smart designs that are being combined to provide modern spaces for ever-advancing, times.

Located in Oxfordshire, The StudyBed Company provides space-saving furniture for commercial applications as well as domestic homes. Architect and designer, George Clarke’s short video highlights the benefits.

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