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Monitor IT

What we do

The cashless campus is becoming more of a reality. Universities and colleges are automating millions of transactions on campus to achieve reduced cash handling, improve security and be able to produce accurate management reports. Students and staff can pay for services and purchases from money in their account, accessed by ID card, user code or biometric identifier. A student (or staff) card can now be everything, an ID, a library card, their building access and a charge card, all linked to one account that processes all activity.

Organisations can protect existing investments; using MonitorIT's software allows seamless integration with most student information, financial, library and data networks for building access, tuition and fines amongst other things.

So if you want to increase security by having less cash and less staff involvement, increase automation of high volume, low cost transactions and have a fully integrated system you should speak to us.

About us

One ID, One Account, One Solution
Universities and colleges can start their cashless journey with core modules such as Monitor Retail, Monitor Print and integrate with their building access for example. Other modules like Monitor Booking and Laundry can be added later. MonitorIT systems are highly scalable, using low cost, comprehensive transaction management software. Administrators can be confident that any new user-pays service will recover its costs. A campus account for everything can:

  • Reserve and pay for PC time, book rooms or assets
  • Pay for printing and copying
  • Allocate costs by user/department
  • Monitor access to parking and charge for it
  • Pay course and exam fees
  • Pay library fees and fines
  • Purchase goods and services from on and off campus vendors
  • Authenticate access to buildings and facilities
  • Pay for course costs such as design materials
  • Authenticate at exams
  • Vend snacks
  • Charge for laundry
  • Track attendance
  • Pay bursaries into students cashless accounts
  • Communicate with students via their web account
  • Pay for food
  • Increase on campus spend

Use existing systems, existing devices, existing cards
MonitorIT’s software integrates seamlessly with most campus student information, financial, library and data networks for building access, tuition and fines. Any type of card can be used to access an account held on Supervisor Net (the transaction management software). In addition to having its own native application, Monitor can also integrate with existing systems where a large investment may already have been made. We can also integrate with online payment portals like WPM and most payment processors such as WorldPay.
It’s easy to see the benefits:

  • Increased security with less cash and less staff involvement
  • Increased revenue, students find it easier to pay on campus
  • Centralised site control and management of department/user codes
  • Informed decision making on resources and equipment usage from accurate reports
  • Full system integration for seamless transfer of student details
  • Closed loop system will cut the cost of transactions (merchant services)
  • Operating costs are reduced
  • Simpler administration, one system does it all
  • Greater control of batch-crediting bursaries
  • Staff minimise their involvement in high-volume, low cost transactions
  • Stock management is simplified
  • Greatly reduce costs associated with receiving, counting, insuring , storing and reconciling cash


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MonitorIT - One account for all on campus spend

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