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What we do

Our positioning in the services industry is original and unique. It is what makes our brand different. In combining the diverse talents of our teams, Sodexo is the only company to integrate a complete offer of innovative services, based on over 100 professions. Sodexo develops, manages and delivers a diverse range of services, designed to improve the quality of life for our clients and customers.

We have an unrivalled reputation for building lasting partnerships with clients through open, transparent relationships based on trust and exceptional performance.

In the UK and Ireland, our 35,000 people are striving to improve the quality of daily life at over 2,000 client locations across all market sectors.

About us

For over 45 years, Sodexo has been working with clients in the education market to support academic achievements and maintain the welfare of pupils, students and teachers.

  • Primary schools - Health and wellbeing and Supporting life skills
  • Secondary schools and academies - Competing with the high street and Delivering more services for you
  • Universities and colleges - Talking the same language, understanding needs and supporting the student experience
  • Independent schools- Fresh food from scratch, tailored service, dedicated teamand commercial support.
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    Candice Eves -Business Development Director, Independents by Sodexo
    Tom Laskey - Business Development Director, Universities
    Tracey Smith- Development Director, Student Living by Sodexo



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