Wellington Prep officially opened

After a 12-month transition period, Wellington Prep School officially comes into being and, briefly, is the newest Prep School in UK

At a sunny renaming ceremony, the Wellington Prep School was officially opened by David Hanson, the Chief Executive of IAPS (The Independent Association of Prep Schools).

Mr Hanson presided over the cutting of the ribbon ceremony, ably assisted by Devon Thomas, the youngest, newest member of the school. Devon has just joined the burgeoning Nursery. 

“The renaming makes a bold statement about our school’s confidence and the level of aspiration we have for our children,” commented Adam Gibson, Headmaster of Wellington Prep school. 

“We are not turning our back on our legacy – quite the opposite – this is the next stage for our school.” 

After the naming ceremony, each member of the school was presented with a school cap and a countdown preceded a mass cap throwing moment. 

“As a young school, our culture is still forming,” said Mr Gibson. “Everything we do is focused on our children and helping to prepare them for their many tomorrows, whether we are looking a day, a term or a decade ahead. We understand that our children’s qualities will be as important as their qualifications; strength of character will matter as much in their futures as academic fulfilment. 

“It is the clarity of our aims that helps us to prepare each of our children for the days, weeks, months and years that lie ahead.” 

Mr Gibson concluded: “Our name change from Junior to Prep reflects this clarity and our intent.” 



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