US university fair comes to Taunton

Sixth formers are invited to the UK’s second biggest US University fair, to be held at Taunton School on May 6

UK sixth formers can find out all about the latest opportunities for studying for in the States at the event. Free tickets are available to individuals or school parties via the school website. 

With 60 exhibitors covering the length and breadth of North America there are a huge number of options to consider – ranging from the top-ranking Harvard, MIT or the University of British Columbia – down to organisations to support those who might wish to pursue sports scholarships or who wish to study at an American-style university based in Europe.

New this year is a range of talks covering how to apply, how to choose a university and the prestigious Sutton Trust USA programme for those who qualify for full financial aid.

Taunton School’s head of careers, David Hawkins, said: “Many students wonder how they can stand out from their peers, not least when looking ahead to securing graduate jobs. This event helps them to find out what their options are.”

Studying at a foreign university has become a real option for today’s aspiring undergraduates, and Taunton School has seen this develop considerably in recent years, with recent leavers now studying at universities in America, Australia, Hong Kong, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

But since half the world’s top 100 universities are located in either the USA or Canada, it is no surprise that North America is the most popular university destination for British students.

David Hawkins said: “Today’s teenagers will wear clothes made in China, use technology from America, listen to pop music from Korea and have friends on social media from all over the globe.

“Yet without having their eyes opened at events such as this, many will simply prepare themselves for a career based solely in the UK, not realising that their globalised world needs them to be ready to either work abroad, or work for a company based abroad.

“It’s important for aspiring undergraduates to realise that they should look for the best universities they can, wherever in the world they might be, and we look forward to welcoming students from across the region.”

Full details and tickets are available on or contact Taunton School on 01823 703652.


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