Trial run for Dame Allan students

A real-life courtroom gave students from Dame Allan’s Schools a chance to find out more about careers in law

Students in Newcastle upon Tyne got a taste of a range careers in law during National Careers Week. A group of sixth-form politics pupils at Dame Allan’s Schools took part in a mock trial at Northumbria University and were given a talk by Kevin Kerrigan, dean of the business and law school, who discussed the wide range of careers which result from a law degree.

The students were able to make use of the real-life courtroom at the university, which has been used as the set for a host of TV programmes after it was removed from Bedlington Magistrates Court.

The workshop involved students acting out the trial of an ABH assault case by taking on a number of roles, including lawyers, clerk, police officers, jury and witnesses. The pupils were also joined by law professional Tony Storey who led proceedings and acted as the judge.

Millie Scott, 17, a year-12 student, took on the role of clerk and said: “Acting out the trial was a lot of fun and really helped me to understand who has what role in law. I am interested in pursuing a career in law and the trial gave me a taste of what it would be like.”

Kevin Kerrigan told the students: “There are a number of different careers in law and we are always pleased to be able to offer our facilities to inspire young people. What you should take away from this experience is not only that the law is interesting and challenging, but that it is also about helping people.”

The workshop was part of a careers week at the schools which also includes business and finance lectures, workshops on the world of work and a ‘Focus on Engineering’ day at engineering firm Sevcon, a global company based in the north east.

Principal at Dame Allan’s Schools Dr Hind said: “Our pupils had a brilliant time at the mock trial. We know how important it is for them to be supported in their career choices alongside their academic studies and this was a very beneficial exercise in an authentic setting. We would like to thank Northumbria University again for their hospitality.”

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