The benefits of moving to the cloud

Most schools have been cautious about moving to the cloud, but it is now a tried and tested solution with real benefits for a school

The benefits include anytime, anywhere access to a wide range of online teaching and learning resources; the ability to review assessment and pupil data from home and the opportunity to take advantage of more flexible and scalable IT solutions.

Benefits to teaching and learning
As a teacher you gain instant access to a world of rich, interactive resources and assessment tools to support teaching and track pupil’s progress. Pupils will be able to continue, reinforce and ‘flip’ their learning experiences anytime, anywhere inside and outside of school. Parents too can share in their child’s learning online.

Instant access to your data at all times
The more progressive school Management Information Systems are now available online, which means that you can access assessment and pupil data securely from any device, at any time and from anywhere. It also means that the system is never out of date and your critical data ‘hub’ is always available at your fingertips

Mat Downs, Assistant Head at Highcliffe School in Dorset, uses the online MIS solution RM Integris. ‘Real anytime-anywhere access has always been a requirement for us and, with RM Integris, staff can access data from anywhere they have an internet connection. Plus central updates and backups means that we have saved several hours over the past year.’

Flexible, scalable infrastructure
It is now possible to manage and access an ever-growing number of systems and applications remotely, which can provide your school with the ability to easily and cost effectively scale up your infrastructure as needed while reducing many of the risks associated with having your data and systems traditionally located in one place.

Next Steps
If you are thinking about moving to the cloud consider getting expert advice and linking with other schools to share best practise and maximise your savings.

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