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Is money on your mind? In the latest issue of Independent Education Today, we discuss the independent school sector’s financial challenges


It’s that time of the year again so take a deep breath everyone – we are talking about all things money.

Discussing financial challenges can be an awkward conversation but it is one that is always worth having. In our special report on page 19, four senior leaders at UK independent schools share their thoughts on the threat to charitable status, fundraising and why alumni engagement is more important than ever. They are aware of some of the financial uncertainties ahead, but have plans in place to ensure that their schools remain strong.

One key theme during the report was partnerships, something that I have always championed within the independent and state sectors. Both sectors are willing to tackle financial challenges together, which is something that should give us all hope for a brighter future.

Elsewhere, I asked schools to reveal their thoughts on school trips. On pages 11-13, enjoy tales of adventures from a variety of destinations which have all impacted pupils in a positive way. Indeed, removing oneself from their regular environment can help to build independence and discover new interests.

Personally, my trip to Hong Kong to discover the Yidan Prize was incredibly beneficial and I came back to the office reenergised and ready for the year ahead! Find out more about my adventure on page 31. Until next time…


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