Smart about key and asset management

Midlands based primary school gets smart about key and asset management


Midlands based Wilkinson Primary School identified an issue with their key management when school children were unable to attend a cross country meet. 


Wilkinson Primary School have a number of vehicles that are used to take school children to events and trips, the keys to these vehicles were kept on hooks in a cabinet alongside building keys, container keys, fire panels etc. 

One of the risks of managing keys in this was apparent when a member of staff took a number of children out in one of the minibuses, that member of staff had inadvertently taken the keys to the other two buses which were needed the same day to take pupils to another event. 

This unfortunately lead to disappointed pupils and parents. However, issues such as these are not the only risk with poor key management and also leave the opportunity for keys to fall into the wrong hands, vehicles be out of the premises and unaccounted for and lost entirely with the possible need to change locks and replace keys. 


Keytracker identified a mechanical system with a capacity of 50 key positions secured inside a self-closing push button access cabinet, as the most suitable fit for their requirements. 

Since having the Keytracker Mechanical System installed the school has been able to better manage the keys to all of their assets and no longer face the challenge of missing keys. 

Headteacher at Wilkinson Primary School said: “Life since the cabinet was installed has become much easier, no wasting valuable time searching for missing keys. 

“Keys are easily tracked and access to them can be continually monitored. Pleasingly the installation team gave us succinct training and were accommodating enough to work around our daytime schedule. In short a great product, I don’t know how we managed without it.”

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