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Whitgift School to launch specialised educational programme for Spanish speakers

Whitgift are to introduce a tailor-made programme, Ruta Hispana, designed for pupils who are native, or near-native, speakers of Spanish. The programme, due to start in September 2016, is the first of its kind in the UK, and aims to replicate the tuition pupils would receive in a Spanish school. Pupils will follow the Whitgift curriculum in English in all subjects apart from Spanish, where they will follow the type of curriculum promoted by the Spanish Ministry of Education. Students will be taught by native speakers, and study language, literature and cultural studies.
The aims are twofold: to maintain and develop both Spanish and English at mother-tongue level, making sure the boys become truly bilingual; and secondly, to offer boys the chance to study for the Bilingual International Baccalaureate in the Sixth Form, a highly-prized international qualification.

The addition of the Ruta Hispana follows the successful template of Whitgift’s Section Française programme, which was introduced in 2009 with the cooperation of the French Embassy, and has seen enrolment increase threefold since its launch.


Mrs Alicia Palomo López, Head of Ruta Hispana at Whitgift, commented: “This is a truly unique opportunity for bilingual families living in London, offering the best of both worlds: full immersion in the language and culture of the Spanish-speaking world, alongside all the benefits of a first-rate British education.”  â€¨â€¨

Mr Andrew Hunt, Whitgift’s Head of Languages, commented: “It is hugely exciting to be able to build on the success of our Section Française with a tailor-made programme for native or near-native speakers of Spanish. Such programmes facilitate true bilingualism and enrich all our pupils. Whitgift places an enormous emphasis on diversity, language-learning and international mindedness; we are equipping our pupils to excel in an increasingly globalised environment”    

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