School benefits from more effective MIS

As St. George’s International School attracted more pupils from around the world, its need for a proper MIS grew

St. George’s International School, Luxembourg, is an inclusive, vibrant international community of approximately 700 pupils aged from three years to 18 years, representing over 40 different nationalities.

Database Manager, Libby Kramer, explains: ‘We used to rely on Excel spreadsheets to manage pupil information, but as we grew we realised we needed a more efficient way of updating and accessing data.”

Key challenges included:
•             Growing numbers of pupils
•             Better data to support building relationships/community with parents
•             More assistance with managing clubs and activities
•             Need to increase frequency and quality of school reports

Libby says: “With the MIS from WCBS, all our information is centrally located, so whether it’s academic, finance or administrative staff, it is easy to retrieve the information they need.

“We can now be far more organised with clubs and activities because all information is centralised and we can quickly identify which pupils are attending which groups.

“If a director of studies or head of year needs information for a parent meeting, they can simply draw information from the system on, say, grades or special needs, so they have all the relevant knowledge at their fingertips.

“We have been able to increase the volume and frequency of reports during the year, again helping to nurture better communication between the school and parents. We also have the ability to design the reports ourselves without having to rely on a third party.

“The opportunity to get together with database managers from other WCBS schools is fantastic; no other vendor offers this and training materials are no substitute for face-to-face contact and learning how other schools are using the system.

“The support is absolutely brilliant and if we have a problem the turnaround is fantastic.”

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