Rice advice for Derby pupils

Virtual field trip takes globe-trotting Derby Grammar school Year 3 pupils to Thailand and the Netherlands

Boys from Derby Grammar School recently enjoyed a ‘virtual’ field trip, courtesy of Tesco’s ‘Farm to Fork’ project. The online field trip was all about ‘Remarkable Rice’ and took the form of live web chats which involved speaking with a factory manager in the Netherlands as well as a farmer in Thailand.

Along with pupils from two other schools who were also involved in the project, Year 3 pupils at Derby Grammar School were taken on the same journey that grains of rice follow from the field to the supermarket shelves. They learnt about the process including how rice is grown, harvested and packaged, and then had the opportunity to ask the experts some questions.

The Remarkable Rice online field trip was just part of the project. Pupils also enjoyed a ‘behind the scenes’ tour of their local Tesco store, where they found out more about the bakery, the fishmongers, and how food is stored, baked and prepared.

Head of Derby Grammar Junior School, Polly Bennett, said: “Tesco’s Eat Happy Farm to Fork project is wonderful and we’re really pleased to have been involved. It’s so easy to just buy food from the supermarket with no idea whatsoever about where it has come from. We’re very grateful that they have given our boys such a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the food they eat and also to see what happens in a very familiar local supermarket.”


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