Refresh your Playground Outdoor Surfacing

Why replace your surfacing when you can have it repaired and cleaned?

Why replace your surfacing when you can have it repaired and cleaned?

 Nova Play understands that now more than ever there are constraints on budgets so clients are turning towards investing in cleaning and maintenance for their safety surfacing rather than full replacements.

 The popularity of synthetic surfaces such as Wet Pour, Rubber Mulch and Artificial Grass in playgrounds are overtaking loose fill or natural grass surfacing methods, one of the key factors of the ever-increasing popularity of these surfacing methods is the reduction in maintenance costs.

Although over time algae, moss and grime can build on these surfacing methods they can be cleaned using the Nova specialist surface cleaner which carefully power washes the surface without damaging the material, this can completely rejuvenate the area and bring the space back to looking like new. Play Grass can be swept off and redressed with sand to refresh the pile and put the bounce back into the surface adding years to the life span.

We also carry out repairs on wet pour and rubber mulch surfacing. Playgrounds are high traffic areas and we know damage can occur through general use or vandalism. We are now able to offer clients a DIY repair kit for small damaged areas or we can help with wear and tear, shrinkage, respraying or relining repairs. This can be a great solution rather than resurfacing the entire space which comes at a cost.

Get in touch today to see how Nova Play can help bring your playground back to life: or call 01332 292 202

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