New school reaps benefits of 3Sys

Kingsley School supports range of different pupil needs with up-to-date, detailed information, thanks to WCBS administration system

Edgehill College was founded in 1884, Stella Maris Convent (later Stella Maris School) in 1929 and Grenville College in 1954. Then, in January 2009, Edgehill and Grenville came together to create Kingsley School, the first new independent school in the region for more than half a century. With it, the need to look closely at managing the school’s information.

Kingsley School adopted 3Sys in 2012 and is now enjoying the benefits, especially in administration.

Fo Edmonds, head of business, travel and tourism and academic admin support, comments: “In the past, whenever a teacher needed pupil information such as ‘what house is a pupil in?’ they would need to ask the admin office. Now they can access this information themselves and it saves us a huge amount of time, not only in checking on queries, but also time spent in typing up absence lists. Prior to 3Sys, when checking on pupil absences, teachers had to check a notice in the staff room. Now the information is already there available centrally, as attendance registers are taken and stored electronically.”

Other areas include easier reporting, data protection control and supporting special needs.

“The majority of teachers now use 3Sys for creating their reports,” says Fo. “One of the key attractions is that it is browser-based, so they can access the facility when they are at home. Also, we no longer need to print out information, which means there is no danger of sensitive or confidential data being left around. Instead this can all be viewed on-screen.

“The emphasis at Kingsley is on pastoral care as well as academic success. To support the range of different pupil needs, up-to-date and detailed information is paramount. It all helps to build better communication with both pupils and parents.

“With the new system it is simpler to track performance because we have a historical record of past grades, reports and so on. 3Sys is a great step forward for us – the major benefit is that information is now accessible by all staff.”

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