New film shows visa issues for students

A film was launched at the House of Commons to help talented global students get to grips with applying for study in the UK

UK visa application from China from WeAreInternational on Vimeo.

The pioneering project, led by the University of Sheffield grew out of unique partnership working between UK universities, the British Council and the Home Office celebrating the value of international students to the UK – financially and culturally.

The film, gives an unprecedented insight into the application process and for the first time cameras go behind the scenes at the UK Visa Application Centre in Beijing to capture a unique glimpse of how young people in China who wish to study in the UK go through the visa process and go on to become students in the UK. 

Viewers follow two talented Chinese students as they prepare to make the emotional journey to leave their family and friends to further their education at renowned UK universities.

Professor Sir Keith Burnett, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Sheffield, said: “This film is extremely important for our relationship with students and families in China. Filmed in both Chinese and English, it helps applicants understand the processes involved in coming to study in the UK, and it gives us renewed respect and understanding for the huge decision Chinese families make when they send their precious children to study in the UK.

“It is important for us to show that we respect the commitment they are making, and that talented Chinese students who are so crucial to our universities and to the UK will be welcomed and treated well when they come to study with us.”

The students featured in the video, Qu Yinjiao and Lü Meng, are two of 65,000 students who applied to the British Embassy in Beijing last year to benefit from the first class education offered in the UK.

Qu Yinjiao, 21, who is now studying translation and interpretation at Swansea University, said: “I chose to study in the UK because I am very interested in the UK’s culture, language and the important role the UK plays on an international stage. The UK is a great country which has a huge influence in major international relations and to study in the UK opens a large window to see the world and enhance your vision and knowledge.

“I really enjoy studying here, everything is fantastic and the people are friendly and I feel like I am at the centre of the world as I have met so many students and academics from countries all over the globe.”

The UK is a world-leader in higher education with more top-rated institutions than any other country apart from the US. It welcomes over 400,000 international students annually, responsible for pumping £7.9 billion pounds into the UK economy every year.  Crucial indirect impacts include increasing the pool of employable graduates for the global knowledge economy and establishing trade and research networks between countries.  â€¨â€¨Jazreel Goh, British Council Director of Education Marketing in China, said: “Chinese students contribute immeasurably to the intellectual vitality of the UK and its education. They make a critical contribution to UK research capacity and its standing in the global knowledge economy. This film helps to dispel myths and misconceptions about applying for a UK visa in China, which I am sure will help to reaffirm the UK’s position as welcoming genuine Chinese students to its institutions.”

Directed and produced by a talented team of independent and BBC journalists including Chris Eyre, Nicola Carslaw and Lucia Ring-Watkins, the video will be used by the British Council at education fairs and events across China, by universities in the UK and shared widely by students across the world via social media.

The Chinese video follows an inaugural film shot in India last year which has already been supported and shared by more than 80 UK universities and international organisations through the We Are International project.

We Are International showcases the commitment UK universities have made to recognise the value of international students.

In support of the campaign, hundreds of students and staff across the country are also taking part in the #standbyme selfie campaign which gives people the opportunity to celebrate their own international friendships that transcend geographical and cultural barriers.


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