NEW ISSUE: ET Feb/March is here!

Budgets are the bane of the education sector, and in this issue, we ask the experts if edtech investment and fiscal safety can work together…


If you’re unsure about investing in edtech because of money worries, this is the issue for you. Our roundtable on page 41 gets the lowdown from a group of experts on how schools and universities can advance their teaching and learning without blowing their budgets.

Financial and safety concerns are also topical for our features, where we look at how educators can ensure they get realistic return on investment for edtech procurement, and what you need to do to be ready for the new GDPR in May. We also delve into the subject of collaborative classrooms and how teachers and tech can work together to build modern learning spaces, in our feature on page 35.

As well as all of the latest news from the primary, secondary, and HE sectors, this issue contains our exclusive review of Bett 2018, as well as a list of all the Bett Award winners. Head to page 29 for the lowdown.

All this, and lots more inside the mag!


If you have any thoughts on this edition of ET, or anything you’d like to see in future issues, please drop me a line at  

Charley Rogers
Education Technology

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