Manage school premises internationally with Altuity

SPONSORED: Altuity helps international schools overcome challenges when it comes to asset and premises management

Managing a single school’s premises and assets is demanding enough but the challenge of managing multiple schools and potentially adding an international element introduces a whole new level of complexity.

However, technology now enables users to manage data in a more visual rather than purely textual environment helping to address many of these challenges. This provides a number of benefits:

  • Increased staff productivity through intuitive insight
  • Quicker decision making
  • Wider stakeholder participation in addition to maintenance or site staff. For example, teachers can report facilities requests and managers, trustees and governors can be provided with easier to understand reports/KPIs

Delivering Intuitive Visualisation

Maps & Plans

Using maps, site and/or floor plans means data such as assets and facilities/maintenance requests are accurately located while providing ‘at a glance’ information.

For example, on the floor plan below IT asset data has been loaded from spread sheets and automatically located in the correct room. Using icons provides ‘at a glance’ information so we can immediately understand what assets are in a room.

Exactly the same principle can be applied to facilities and maintenance requests making it intuitively obvious where requests have been made and whether or not they have been actioned.


Photographs can be supplemented with 360° photospheres. These provide a photo-realistic environment within which assets and reactive maintenance are managed. Integrating photospheres with site and floor plans ensures that the benefits of seeing data in a particular space are combined with still being able to see it floor wide on a 2D plan.

Photospheres also help with communication and explaining issues between stakeholders. In an international school environment this could involve people across different countries and those who are remote from the school will gain a better appreciation of an issue if they’re able to view it in 360° and can virtually ‘walk’ the estate.

Marketing a School

Parents and prospective students can interact with photospheres. This can be particularly beneficial when marketing a school internationally as prospective students may be coming from a different country.

Many schools hire facilities as a way to generate additional income. Photospheres provide better visualisation to potential hirers helping to promote the school and potentially reducing the need for on-site visits saving staff time.

If you’re aspiring to manage and market your school premises and assets in a unique way watch this short video to see for yourself how your school can benefit.  Visit for more information or contact us at

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