Maintaining washroom standards in schools.

The importance of the quality of school washrooms.

Recently, the Secretary for the Department of Education said that if the bottom 75 per cent of schools became as efficient as the most cost effective 25 per cent then the education budget over the next few years wouldn’t be a problem. But is that realistic, asks Phil Thorne, Commercial Manager at Wallgate. The Education Secretary said such efficiency was ‘doable’ as one in four schools are already doing this, but remember all schools are in different circumstances. Here he looks at the importance of the quality of school washrooms. It has been highlighted both in the media and via education and governing bodies, and there is no doubt that they have an undeniable impact on pupils’ health, education and happiness. There is no ‘one size fits all’ rule when specifying, designing and fitting out a school, college or university washroom.

There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration, such as waste, misuse, damage and space available. It goes without saying, the influx of technology has brought significant improvements to school facilities. Many of those advancements can be found in classrooms, but when students go to use their washrooms, they are likely to find a host of technological innovations that have improved conditions in that part of the building too. Modern washroom equipment enable schools and universities to provide washrooms that expose users to fewer germs, conserve water, use energy more efficiently and clean surfaces more effectively. Misuse and waste within a school can take many forms, from damage and anti-social behaviour to water and energy wastage. Unfortunately, these issues occur in nearly every school washroom across the country.

Knowing how to limit misuse and waste can have a huge impact – both in preserving the environment and running and replacement costs. We can help you combat all of the above. Some of the most wasted resources within a school washroom are toilet paper, paper towels and water through taps being left on. The most effective way of reducing paper towel waste and increasing water savings is to remove dispensers completely and install a 3 in 1 hand wash dryer. Not only is this immediately better for the environment because bins will either not be needed or require emptying less, but it will also save money through lowering water consumption and wastage. While there is an initial cost, this will soon be delivering notable savings. Try our washroom payback calculator by visiting to see what you can save.

Kingdown thrilled with the Thrii

Kingdown Secondary School in Wiltshire has worked closely with Wallgate for almost seven years, installing robust innovative washroom solutions on both new build and refurbishment projects. Catering for 1,600 children, inevitably the washrooms have high footfall, and therefore efficiency and durability of products is a high priority.

Kingdown wanted to create an open plan washroom solution for both boys and girls to eliminate the toilet blocks being an area of ‘congregation’ for children. With the breadth of product range, experience of solving school washroom problems, and being very flexible to work with, Wallgate was well positioned to help.

Kingdown site manager, Nick Trimby told us, “Wallgate always help deliver the most suitable water saving solution and easy to use technology best suited to the academic environment. We now have school washrooms that children want to use and will look after for years to come.

“They provide great customer service. The Thrii is a brilliant product and it has saved the school a lot of money in soap and is extremely hygienic. Their robust products are the perfect answer for our sector.”

No harm in asking

Wallgate continued, “Everybody recognises that schools are facing cost pressures, which is why funding the most cost-effective solution is key when specifying new school toilet blocks or refurbishments. So if you can get more for your money and create hygienic and efficient environments for children, then it’s a no brainer. Manufactured to be reliable, durable and robust, our solid surface sanitaryware products are easy-to-clean and ideal for the education sector. With a wide range of washroom products, including intelligent water controls, urinals, basin and vanity tops and WC pans, they are damage-resistant, stain-resistant and designed to be efficient in water and energy use, while at the same time promoting good hygiene.

For further information regarding Wallgate products, visit, email or alternatively call the sales team on +44 (0) 1722 444533.


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